Oversight Board criticizes Facebook’s, Instagram’s preferential treatment favoring VIPs in content moderation under Cross-Check (XCheck) program

The Oversight Board issued a 57-page advisory opinion that finds flaws with the so-called “Cross-Check” or XCheck policy used by Facebook and Instagram for certain VIP or preferred users.

In its key findings, the Oversight Board found the Cross-Check policy flawed:

  • Unequal treatment of users.
  • Delayed removal of violating content.
  • Failure to track core metrics.
  • Lack of transparency around how cross-check works.

In addition, the Board said that Meta’s Cross-Check policy favored the company’s business interests, with no comparable regard for content of users involving speech important for human rights.

The Oversight Board gave Meta a long list of 32 recommendations to change its approach, conveniently summarized in the Annex at the end of the document.

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